Setting your Threshold

Humans look at risk and reward in the context of their own personal financial position. We all look at risk differently, based on our varying life experiences and financial position.

The Riskalyze Risk Questionnaire provides you with the opportunity to discover risk/return preferences.  The first few questions are information gather tools, helpful to gain insights into each investor’s financial world while setting the stage for the risk/reward questions.

The questionnaire requires the context of your total investment amount. From these data points, Riskalyze is able to ask a series of dynamic questions to calculate monetary utility. Upon completion of a Risk Questionnaire, Riskalyze converts the solution into an understandable and actionable Risk Number.

The Risk Number is an objective, mathematical approach to removing subjectivity by quantifying the risk of investors and portfolios. Individuals are always evaluating their current location and discerning where they’re headed. In the same way, Riskalyze helps investors see what risk they currently have, how much risk they’re willing to handle, and how much risk they need to hit their goals.

After completing the questionnaire and attaining your Risk Number, you are ready to set your risk threshold on Ruby Tracker.

Ruby Tracker is designed to send you alerts according to your risk threshold, which you can customize by selecting your green, yellow, and red tolerance levels.

  • Green is the amount of negative return you are willing to risk on your portfolio. Your selection for this should be…


  • Yellow is the amount of negative return that begins to concern you. Your selection for this should be…


  • Red is the amount of negative return that you do not feel comfortable with and do not want. Your selection for this should be…

These selections can be changed at any time to best reflect your current financial position, as well as your questionnaire results.

You may wonder why Riskalyze determines a portfolio to be riskier, or less risky than you initially expected. By using the Risk / Reward Heatmap, you can pinpoint which holdings are having the greatest impact on the total risk of the portfolio. You can drill down even further by viewing the specific analytics for each holding.


The Risk/Reward Heatmap quickly shows you the relative risk and reward that investment choices are adding to the portfolio—including all accounts—you’re viewing, and is also a great way to quickly glance at the underlying data Riskalyze is using to produce the overall risk analytics.

How to Calculate your Risk Tolerance

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